In the more recent years, where eco farming and permaculture is becoming more and more popular, you may of heard people talking about WWOOFing, but what exactly is it? Here is an article explain what it’s all about, how to become part of the WWOOFing scene and also the pros of volunteering at a farm.


What it is

WWOOF stands for ‘World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms’ and is an exchange program where in return for volunteer help, your hosts provide food, accommodation and opportunities to learn about an organic farming existence. It is designed to allow helpers to have involvement in a rural setting or a foreign country. The roles often include supporting the host for around 4 hours in day to day running of the farm, tasks including scattering seed, making compost, gardening and caring for farm livestock.

A lamb lying down
A lamb lying

How to get involved

The easiest way to get into the world of WWOOFing and hear about upcoming WWOOFing openings is to search the web. There are numerous websites advertising amazing experiences, some will require registration, but this is well worth it, as it means the host has been checked and certified, and you can also see comments and feedback from previous volunteers. WWOFFing is popular amongst a wide range of people, from all social and cultural backgrounds. There are many reasons for this, from the love of farming and animals to the appreciation of a calm and basic lifestyle. Volunteers usually spend around 1-3 months helping at a farm, with very often the invitation to stay longer.

Sorting Vegetables
A group sorting beans


An experience like this on a farm has so many attributes. The first is gaining real life knowledge of organic and bio-dynamic farming, something that is becoming a real focus point in the twenty-first century and so important for the worlds future wellness. Another reason is the brilliant atmosphere that the hosts and other volunteers creates, the owners and helpers are often the calmest and most peaceful of people making it a very calming and communal practice.

A scarecrow
A scarecrow in a vegetable patch


All in all, WWOOFFing is a brilliant insight into the world of farming and permaculture. It is the perfect opportunity to spend time learning practical skills and experiencing a rural and real lifestyle. Volunteers are well received, and your host will look after you well, with accommodation, and often beautiful organic, fresh meals.

WWOOFing – What’s It All About?
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