There are not many trades where you see old men still plugging away and performing hard labor. One where it is almost cliche is that of a farmer. Here is why Farming is Great for fitness and healthy living.

Why Farming is Great For Fitness and Healthy Living.

– Diet

Many farmers eat the food they harvest themselves. This is a whole food diet which incredibly balanced and more often than not, organic. This enables farmers to stay healthy and active through their lives with minimal unhealthy humps. Whereas our diet in the cities will so most older individuals with a great list of health defects. Farmers keep kicking because of the foods they put in their bellies.

fruit and vegitabes
healthy living

Minimalist Living, Minimal Stress and Maximum Health

There are no 2 ways about it, stress brings most of us to our knees at points in our lives but where a farmers lifestyle differs to that of us in the cities is life without prolonged stress. In the cities, we are stressed out about everything. Farmers have a livelihood which can sustain them regardless of financial income, their vanities are small and their way of living is almost stress-free. This gives them a great mental health and allows them to remain healthy throughout their days. Free from stress, farmers are happy and when we are happy we make better decisions rather than recycling negativity which will affect our physical health.

farmer smiling
farming and stress free life

Super Active

Think how many hours are spent sitting down in the city, seeing to emails, call centers or whatever, you name it and it almost is a guarantee that it involves a lot of sitting down. (minis construction work of course).

The simple fact is, farmers, stay active and thus, they stay healthy. The healthier they stay, the longer they can keep going and it would seem that farmers truly do love to keep going.

farmer watering crops
hard working and active farmer

Sometimes staying fit and healthy is best done by doing what you love, which is why farming is great for fitness and healthy living.

Why Farming is Great For Fitness and Healthy Living
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