Many travellers explore different countries in the form of working holidays. Naturally, a great way for explorers to see more of the country, to work and save money for further exploration, is to work on farms. In Australia, they have set it up in such a way that if you wish to stay 2 years, you must do 3 months farm work on your first. In the UK, the laws are slightly different but what benefits travellers on a working holiday is the faculty of tax refunds. If you are a traveller in the UK this is known as PAYE Tax Refunds. So what are the additional advantages to working on a farm if you already have a Tax refund serving as a savings account?

Farm work is everywhere.

If you are able to work on a farm in the UK, then not only are you saving pennies through PAYE Tax Refunds, you are also gaining a great working experiences that you will be able to utilise in other countries. Ensuring that you always have the minimal credentials to grab yourself some work in other places.

It’s a lifestyle

Working on a farm becomes a lifestyle. You may not wish to continue this lifestyle longer than your stay or working contract, but many find great pleasure in being in the country side and being around nature. What this also means is that, because your lifestyle is fuelled by more simplistic pleasures, not only will you be working and saving through your PAYE Tax Refunds, you’ll also be saving directly from your wage packet.   This is a great way to save additional money, whilst also having a completely unique experience. Hopefully one that you will want to have again.

Working holidays can be a great way to explore the world and experience different cultures. One of the greatest ways to make the most of your time exploring is to work on a farm, save pennies and see a more rural way of living. Once your time is up, simply apply for your PAYE Tax Refunds and jet set to the next place on your bucket list.

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Travelling and Farm Work In The UK – PAYE Tax Refunds
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