Have you ever considered working on a farm? Here are the top three countries that we recommend to work as a picker, a great way to experience culture, learn a skill or fund a gap year.

  1. Australia

The picking season usually starts in December and finishes in May. Fruit picking is mostly outdoors which means you can continue to soak up the Australian rays whilst you work. A huge perk of becoming a picker in Australia is the wages; as a fruit picker, you can be paid in two different ways; either per hour or for the amount of fruit you pick, in Australia the minimum wage for this sort of work is AUD $21.6 per hour, and if you are a quick and enthusiastic picker then you can easily take home way above this. In Australia the fruit picking community is brilliant, with people from all over joining the industry, they love to work hard then play hard.

A wallaby in the bush
Australian Wallaby in bush


  1. Italy

When you think of Italy you think of beautiful vine yards and fruit farms, so why not really experience it. Get amongst the traditional family run farms and truly become part of the Italian culture, be welcomed into the family whilst working, learn a new language and meet amazing hospitable people. We recommend Tuscany a truly gorgeous region of Italy.

Mountains in Italy
Italian countryside


  1. New Zealand

In New Zealand you will find an abundance of wine, pear and apricot farms.  Fruit picking jobs in NZ are also a fantastic way to see parts of the countryside you may otherwise never see. We recommend Hawkes Bay a region with picking work available throughout the year. With gorgeous weather in the summer months and stunning snowy mountains in the winter, New Zealand must be home to some of the words most beautiful scenery.

Beautiful scenic view of NZ
The countryside in New Zealand

So if you fancy a stint of agricultural work, love the outdoor lifestyle and getting stuck in then one of these three countries is bound to have what you’re looking for.  Fruit picking should not be mistaken for just a last minute fall back for poor backpackers, instead it can offer a truly brilliant and rewarding experience, as well as a viable method of travelling the world.

Three Of The Best Countries To Work As A Fruit Picker
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