If you are new to the world of farming, then you may need some advice on what animals are best to raise on your new farmland. It’s always best to investigate what each animals’ needs are before starting up, including space needed, produce and cost to raise.

1. Pekin Ducks

Pekin Ducks are by far the easiest animals to raise, so they are perfect for your start-up venture. Pekin ducks are a brilliant source of meat and produce generous eggs. In addition to this, they also require very little room to farm, you can create just a small enclosure and water area and they will be very happy. Ducks have much larger appetites than other farm birds such chickens but are also keen foragers as well. Birds of prey and neighboring dogs are your birds major threat but kept in secure fencing they will be safe.

Some Pekin Ducks
Three Pekin Ducks

2. Goats

Farming goats is an amazing first animal to keep. A good meat source, and also producing milk for dairy. If your farm has less available land, goats are a brilliant option for you as they don’t need a lot of acreages. Goats will consume shrubbery and wood so are great area clearers, but also love to feed on hay, vegetables. If your animals are kept in a smaller area, then creating a section of sheltered space will keep then healthy and happy in the wetter, cooler weather.

A young kid goat
A baby goat

3. Honeybees

Often an opportunity missed by many farmers. Honeybees are actually ideal creatures to farm as they need very little upkeep. On set up, you will need hive boxes and a water source, allowing the bees to break and drink. The brilliant thing about becoming a bee farmer is that the bees will come to you, at no cost at all. Have your hives prepared just after winter as they begin swarming mostly in the spring. To feed your bees you will need a simple sugar solution but they will also travel to collect food and not rely too heavily on what you feed them. The obvious reason for keeping bees is the production of honey to sell and also enjoy.

Bees in the hive

So there you have it, our top three simple start up recommendations for animals to begin your farming career. However, regardless of the amount of research done, raising livestock is always a learn on the job process for you and your animals.

Three of the best and easiest farm animals to raise as a new farmer
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