In countries where food insecurity is a problem, the need for sustainable farming is more important than ever. Because the other option, an intensive approach to agricultural growth, can have environmental impacts.

There are ways to promote sustainable agriculture in these places. It’s all about taking the right steps to scale up sustainable farming practices.

How can the agricultural industry motivate farmers to engage in sustainable farming?

They need to address farmers’ concerns about the agricultural practice.

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Are the benefits guaranteed and immediate?

If farmers are to change the way they grow their crops, they need to experience an immediate benefit. Proof that harvest time can be quicker for a specific type of crop is a good example. Unless farmers see that there are improvements, they will not adopt sustainable and conservation agriculture.

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technology and sustainable farming

But we don’t have the technology or the tools to engage sustainable farming.

Provide small scale farmers with the access to appropriate technology. Light machinery, affordable tools, and other intermediate technological solutions will encourage them to give the new technique a try.

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sustainable farming and developing knowledge

But we have little to no knowledge about farming more sustainably. Who can we talk to?

There should be research and technical staff that farmers can approach for consultation and information. Switching to innovative farming from non-conventional farming methods, poses many challenges for farmers. By providing them access to information, they will learn the skills needed and their interests will be increased.

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sustainable farming

Will farmers receive support from concerned agencies?

It’s one thing to know the benefits and have access to technology needed to grow crops sustainably. But it’s another story to be able to talk to technical agencies and to obtain assistance when the need arises. Farmers should be able to engage in an open and honest conversation with experts in the field.

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sustainable farming

Will farmers receive support from the government or the community?

Policies in agriculture must change to make room for sustainable farming. It is important to raise awareness and provide a common ground for local actors to pursue changes in agriculture policy and practice.

In Australia, there are plenty of agencies that support and provide sustainable farming solutions. You can study how the country implemented its policies and practices by visiting farms that practice sustainability. Get a free Australian visa assessment and you will be one step closer to your goal.

How to Introduce to and Engage Farmers with Sustainable Farming
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