Serpentine Farm is owned and operated by Jane Sommers. Jane has spent most her life involved with horses, starting with weekend riding lessons as a child. She purchased her first mount shortly after graduating high school; a young Arabian gelding who was very athletic and highly trainable. Shan allowed Jane the luxury of experimentation, trying out many styles of riding, and finally leading her to a passion for Dressage. Along the way, Jane started many colts and showed young horses in hand and under saddle. College life focused on equine reproduction, both in school and on the job. After many years of breeding and training horses for other people, Jane began to breed her own Warmbloods in 2000. Events aligned just so, so that, in 2002, Jane was able to begin building Serpentine Farm. The farm is the culmination of years of dreaming, practical experience, and passion, plus a ton of elbow grease (and a big orange Kubota tractor).
Jane shares her passion for animals with anything that walks or squawks. She lives with three dogs, way too many cats, and an assortment of livestock. She volunteers as a foster parent for the local pet rescue association, and usually has at least one rescued equine rehabilitating on the property.

Barn Manager Velvet Perry has been with the farm since Spring 2005. She was looking for a place to keep a starving Paint gelding she had just rescued. Little did Jane know, but their meeting would be vital to the success of Serpentine Farm. Velvet took over the management duties of the young horses almost immediately and cared for all the horses (and goats and sheep) as if they were her own. Velvet runs a tight ship and without her hard work and dedication the farm could not have grown as quickly as it has. Velvet’s husband, Dean, and their two boys have been very generous in sharing Mom with Serpentine Farm.

Another lover and collector of animals, Suzanne Reed joined Serpentine Farm in the fall of 2005, bringing her TB and Hanoverian broodmares, a TB stallion, and a plan to breed quality hunters and jumpers. Suzanne rides hunters and competes in the amateur division, which is the target of her breeding program. She selects bloodlines that combine proven jumping ability and athleticism with great temperaments and rideability. Suzanne grew up riding mostly Thoroughbreds on the East Coast. Returning to the saddle after twenty years off to raise her children, she discovered that Warmbloods had become the horse of choice in the show arena. She made the switch, but refuses to abandon her first love. Suzanne is committed to incorporating Thoroughbred bloodlines, using individuals of superior quality with excellent temperaments, to breed European and Iberian Warmblood sporthorses suitable for the amateur rider. To support her horse habit, Suzanne works on climate change policy for a non-profit organization. She shares her Sacramento home with two dogs and a cat and is involved in pit bull, cat, and Thoroughbred rescue.


All about Serpentine Farm
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