Looking to make a living from  farming? Have you considered these three easy farming ventures to get the money rolling…?

Farming can be a sluggish business during the start-up period, so when you’re decide to own a farm you must begin with one high-profit idea. This original idea should link with your final farm plan; for example, a plant for plant farms, a certain animal for livestock farming. It must most importantly be able to fund its early investment within a few weeks or sometimes months. This will then be able to pay for your end goal, that is maybe a slower farming endeavor.

  1. Microgreens

If square footage is valued on your farm, a brilliant option can be microgreens. Although they can be a fastidious and hard work, microgreens can produce a large income very swiftly. The majority of varieties are complete and ready to harvest in two to three weeks and bring over £10 per pound. One big consideration when deciding to grow Microgreens is that they must be sold fresh, and have demand in the market.

Farming Microgreens
Growing Microgreens
  1. Chickens

If you’re starting an animal farm you must consider beginning with a fast-producing livestock such as chickens. Chickens are fast growing and prepared for market in six to eight weeks. Chickens take a very small amount of room compared to many other animals and can be fed on pasture which in addition can increase their worth, bringing in a large pay packets rapidly.

Farming Chickens
Chickens being farmed
  1. Rabbits

Another brilliantly speedy-producing animal for farming is rabbit. Similar to chickens, you can have rabbits matured for market in eight to ten weeks. We would suggest investigating your local processors or home-processing regulations before setting up this venture to ensure its legally viable. Yet, rabbit is in high demand among chefs making them highly sought-after and lucrative.

Farming rabbits
Rabbit Farming


So there you have it, if you are ready to start up your first farm and need that first stop money maker, then there are our top three suggestions. Do however consider your farming space, local law and product demand before diving too heavily into your initial set up venture.

3 Profitable Farm Projects
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